Monday, April 28, 2008

Umstead, Cruises, and a Marathon

My RR for Umstead is on the Team Slug Blog. Long Story short, I did it. Finally. I ran 50 miles and finished and it felt good. A week later I found myself on a 9 night cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. If you've never been on a cruise I highly recommend it. It was wonderful and the places I got to see were so beautiful. It was hard to leave the warm islands for the return trip home, but I was happy to be back home.
The sense of well-being and overwhelming joy of finishing my first 50 miler were replaced with some nerves for Frederick. It's my first road marathon ever and while the distance doesn't really worry me, running a road race is a lot different than trails. I'm planning on bringing plenty of munchies with me on race day and just go out to have fun. Isn't that what all this crazy running is about? To have fun? Plus, I happen to have it on good authority that some Slugs and a few Kickrunners are going to be in town on the 4th for a meet and greet. Should be a good time!

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