Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A few notes....

I had every intention of finishing up my report on the Umstead trip, and I will. I finally got the pictures to everyone in Team Meri-Go-Round, so I guess my weekend report will be following in a few. :)~

During April I got out for 2 great trails runs, the first was the Mt. Penn Mudfest in Reading, PA. I was joined by Altoids, one of my interpid running buddies. The race was the Saturday before Easter and the weather was Chilly. There were Flurries before the race and at that moment it wasn't seeming like so much fun. Once it started and we got to talking, it went pretty fast. There was some mud and some pretty intense water crossings, which would have been lovely had it been 70 degrees or so, but were Brisk, to say the least, in 30 degree weather. It was a great time and I have to give many thanks to those manning the beer tent around mile 7. You made my day! The other great trail run was put on by Delaware's Fine Trail Dawgs. I ran the 10K option of their Triple Crown Race. It was a beautiful run through White Clay park and had a bit of mud, which just added to my delight. I managed to post a 10K trail PR and ended the day with a large steak.
Also during April was the unfortunate events at Virginia Tech. Being Alumni, I was shocked and upset by it all. Tech was my second home and what happened there hit hard. My heart goes out to all those affected by it.

After meetings with Top secret Slug planners, the Course for the RBC 50K remains under wraps. We're still trying to figure out a way to train the guide goats, but they keep eating the trail markers. The spring was slow to get here, but I am ready to get out and get some miles in. No worries, the hitman and I will clear the RBC course of all attack birds while training this summer and I will be in fine crazy horse form.

Happy trails, keep smiling
Pokey Slug