Sunday, February 17, 2008

Umstead is coming

So my training for the 50 miler at Umstead is on track. I did 4 hours of crosstraining to go with a kick butt long run tomorrow. It's suppossed to be a warm day, so I am sure Ranger Rick will be watching for me! Before Umstead comes Seneca Creek 50K, which I am looking forward to. There will be some slugs there and it's a beautiful course, and fun to be had. I am hoping to get a good run in and then feel that much more prepared for Umstead.
Currently I have been logging my miles and hitting the gym hard. Plus Dance class, which is just total fun and keeps me agile. The gym has been challenging lately, I went back to two Butt kicking trainer days a week, which is working well with the 50 miler training. It's been a good training season and I just hope all the hard work comes together for the big day. I am just hoping not to have a JFK repeat of stress fracture, but I am training smarter this time around. Paws crossed.
No matter what Umstead should be a good time with all the Slugs and Kickrunners there. I also have two fantastic people coming to help me out, Lisa and Tara, which totally kicks ass. I know I can do anything with them there cheering me on!