Thursday, April 5, 2007

Umstead-A rocking good time!

After a bit of time off from bloggin', I bring you crew/pacer tales from the Umstead 100 Mile. The weekend started on Thursday for me, with a trip over to a friend's in NOVA before finishing the trip down to NC. A quick trip to the local supermarket was made for some yummy cakes to bring to the runner I was pacing. Friday morning I was picked up by Gingerbread and Altoids (from the midnight run incident) and we started our journey to the South. The weather was nice, we made it to the hotel, and caught up with our runner and Sistergoldenhair, another crew member. We then went to the pre-race stuff, grabbed some great pasta at a local place, and hit the stor for some last minute items.
Back at the Hotel, Merigayle, our 100 mile runner went over some crew/pacer thoughts and we got everything prepared for the next day. Meri was nice enough to hook us up with some Swag bags filled with pixie sticks, glow sticks, mini magic 8 balls, and an "offical Team Meri-Go-Round" T-shirt. It was really great. Our Crew room decided to get up around 4:15 in order to prepare for the next day. The race started at 6am, so it was looking to be an early morning for all. Before we knew it, the alarm was going off and we were getting into the cars to head to the park.
We got to the park with plenty of time to spare and Down and Durty Slug already had a prime location staked out for us. We started to get everything set up (we had tons of stuff). You never what one might need during a 100 mile race and what a crew needs while staying up with you the 24+ hours. Gingerbread's wonderful Sister and Friend hooked us up with some primo coffee, which was much appreciated. I managed to catch up with The All Nighter and Sluggette at the Start line and got hugs. Before I knew it, the race had started and Meri was well on her way.

Stay Tuned for part two of the Umstead report!