Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Buffalo Stampede 10K

I ran the Buffalo Stampede 10K over the weekend and had a wonderful time. I love this local race, fast and flat on the back rounds of Wyoming Delaware. The race started and I settled into my favorite Pokey pace, slowly making my way through the orchards and such. Before I hit the turn around point I caught up with a young man attempting his 2nd 10K and a PR to boot. At 10 years old, Young Alex proved to be a wonderful running companion. We spoke of all things Harry Potter, Science, and Soccer related. As we were on our last mile, Alex kept pushing himself, managing to out sprint me in the end to earn himself a new 10K PR and 2nd place in the age group. I, being a slug, proudly embraced the dead last award and managed through a stroke of Pokey Luck to get 1st place in my age group. The after party had beer and brats... a great combination and I got this great Wooden Buffalo Trophy!
During my run with Alex, I remember so much of what I have learned in the past year or so through my friendships with all the slugs. It's not always about how fast the journey is, but about how you run it. Sometimes you just have to "run how you feel" (in the words of Brother James). Thanks to young Alex for reminding me of the "feel" of running and just how much fun it can be.
Keep running!!
Pokey Slug

Recounting a few months in a short time..

I left off with tales of Umstead and so much has been going since then.

May was full of busy things, which I cannot recall. In June one of my bestest friends and biggest running fans got married to a wonderful man. Much fun was had by all of the VT crew and we have pictures to prove it. July in DE has been hot and full of long runs on the weekends as I prepare to run The North Face 50K in DC on August 4th. I will be in good running company as Down and Durty slug and Merigayle will be running the 50 miler. I have 9 hours to finish, so I am hoping for a respectable crazy horse time.